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·Antero-posterior Surgery for multi-segmental upper thoracic spinal TB[2007-09-26]
·Treatment of Cervical Spinal Cord Extension Injury in the Decreased Storing Space of Spinal Canal[2007-09-26]
·UCSS Screws for the Fracture of Odontoid Process[2007-09-26]
·Artificial intervertebral disc replacement[2007-09-26]
·Posterior Decompression, Replacement, Interbody Fusion for Lumbar Spondylolisthesis[2007-09-26]
·C1-2 posterior transarticular screw fixation for incompletely reduced atlantoaxial dislocation[2007-09-26]
·Treatment Surgically of All Kinds of Scoliosis According to the Principal of[2023-04-20]

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