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Our Department
Xiangya Hospital
Central South University

The spinal surgery department of Xiangya Hospital is one of the earliest various spinal surgical sections in China. Early in the 1970s it took the lead in the country to do the artificial vertebral body replacement, which was extremely difficult at that time. In 1984, the advanced Luque plus wire technology to treat scoliosis was introduced from abroad by one of the famous founders of China”Æs spinal surgery - Professor Yongmo Liu of our section. In the same year the first large-scale domestic systemic scoliosis census was conducted by our department, They have obtained some very valuable research data and disease conditions, and successfully organized the first domestic "national scoliosis orthopedic study class." Particularly in the last dozen years, our section has extensively carried out a variety of spinal surgical treatments of the disease, such as ”°1-stage anterior and posterior operation for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and congenital scoliosis”±; ”°UCSS for the treatment of subluxation of atlantoaxial joint and the fractures of odontoid process”±; ”°Surgery for the upper complex multi-segmental thoracic spinal tuberculosis”±; ”°Surgical treatment of the upper thoracic vertevral & sacral tumors”± ”°Lumbar&cervical artificial intervertebral disc replacement”± etc. And these technologies and research results have reached the first-class of the field in China. 

In order to meet and promote the development of the academy better and faster, and to benefit more patients, the spinal surgery section was formally established in 2004. Now there are 39 fixed beds being set in our section, and actually an average of 55 beds can be used daily. The number of the outpatients in our section is up to 20,000 in a year. And yearly our section will complete more than 1,000 spine surgeries of high difficulty and complexity, majority of which have a satisfactory effect, representing the leading domestic level. In our section there are 4 famous domestic spinal surgery experts, 3 doctoral tutors, and a selected member of the "121 Talent Project of New Century" in Hunan province. A vast majority of our physicians have been to Europe and the United States to study and exchange information. In the field of spinal surgery in Hunan province, doctor degrees can only be authorized by our section, and we will train dozens of masters and doctors every year. Now there are 17 doctoral students and 15 postgraduates studying in our section. Our division possesses advanced skills and technologies, and has rich experiences in clinical practices. Our division has once won 3 scientific research achievement awards of Hunan province, and one national patent. Our section is authorized to do some researches on more than 10 items of the provincial or ministerial level, such as ”°the surgical treatment optimization program for paraplegic patients with spinal tuberculosis”±. We keep in touch with the doctors in the United States, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong closely to deliberate cases to work out the best treatment programs. Through the tireless efforts of several generations of people and a wide range of academic exchanges and the large number of personnel trainings, coupled with a high-quality medical care team, our division becomes the academic exchange center and the talent base of the six provinces in the south of China, and it is famous at home and abroad.      

Our department has the latest and international synchronized C-arm X-ray machine, all kinds of orthopedic spinal fixation systems and diskoscopes. In addition to the completion of a large number of various types of cervical spondylosis and complex lumbar disc herniation, spinal trauma surgery, in the treatment of the following diseases we have more technical advantages and features: various types of lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal canal stenosis, instability of the cervical and spinal tumors, spinal tuberculosis, scoliosis deformity, lumbar and cervical artificial disc replacement surgery.